You know what course you want and now you need the details, let's explore some FAQ's.

I've paid for my classes, now what?

Now a member of our team will reach out to you with your days, times and classroom number.

What if I don't like my schedule?

We try to accommodate everyone's needs and if you have purchased a group package we will either reassign you or put you on a waiting list for your particular days and times. If you have bought a private/siblings package you can choose the days and times you'd like.

I missed my class, can I get a make up class?

Unfortunately the classes are scheduled and it is the student's responsibility to attend class, no make up classes are provided. However a private class to catch up can be arranged at an additional cost to the student. Please contact us if you would like notes on what was covered.

I've changed my mind, can I get a refund?

Yes! IF you haven't started your course yet, if you have, you are committed to finish the course.

I don't like the teacher! Now what?

In the unlikely event you don't get along with your teacher we are here to reassign you to another teacher.

Can I pick my teacher?

For private classes, absolutely. For group classes we will try our best to honour your request.

My class is too easy/hard.

In the event you feel that you have been placed into the wrong level, we will have the teacher administer a test to confirm your suspicions and will act accordingly.